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Developers propose 10 new District projects encompassing 3 million sq. ft. on four sites

FRP Holdings and its partners are reportedly planning to construct as many as 10 projects in the Washington DC area.

Overall, the developers anticipate that the planned projects will encompass more than 3 million sq. ft. of mixed-use development, with 3,000 residential units and 150,000 sq. ft of retail.

A joint venture comprising FRP Holdings Inc., Steuart Investment Co. (SIC) and Mid Atlantic Realty Partners is planning to develop the new structures on four land parcels owned by SIC in the District’s Capitol Riverfront and Buzzard Point submarkets, Multi-Housing News (MHN) reported on Nov. 9.

These include phases III and IV of RFP Holdings’ Riverfront on the Anacostia Development; the site currently leased to Vulcan Materials in Buzzard Point; and the existing mixed-use multifamily and retail assets owned by RFP Holdings and MRP in the Capitol Riverfront and Buzzard Point submarkets, which include Dock 79, The Maren and The Verge, MHN reorted.

MHN says SIC will purchase a share in a tenancy in common of 20 percent of ownership in Dock 79 and The Maren for $65.3 million, of which $44.50 million will be attributable to FRP Holdings. SIC will hold rights to acquire a 10 percent to 20 percent share of The Verge, phases 3 and 4 of the Riverfront projects and Square 664E.

When developing 28 parcels, MRP and FRP Holdings will take responsibility for all predevelopment work,” MHN reports. “That work will include entitlements, permits, zoning approvals, design, budgets, additional equity and construction financing needed to start projects.”

“All predevelopment costs will be turned into equity in the project. At that time, the partners will undertake an appraisal process for the land, with purchase price comprised of the appraised value minus estimated environmental remediation expenses.”

Mark Buckshon
Mark Buckshonhttps://washingtonconstructionnews.com
Mark Buckshon is the publisher and interim editor of Washington Construction News. He is also president of the Construction News and Report Group of Companies. He combines a journalism and business background, and has published construction trade publications for more than 30 years, after an earlier career in journalism, which culminated when he lived through the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe in 1978-80 as a sub-editor for the Bulawayo Chronicle and a correspondent for a Canadian news service.


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