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Unionized contracting associations sign strategic alliance agreement.

Washington Construction News staff writer

Four trade associations representing unionized employers in the mechanical and electrical trades have signed a strategic alliance agreement

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) along with the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA), and The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC) agreed on the collaboration on July 10, they announced in a statement from Washington DC.

“The importance of all four associations coming together emphasizes the combined commitment to collaboration and innovation through all facets of the construction and maintenance industry,” the statement says.

“The agreement solidifies a unified front among these prominent organizations to address industry challenges and leverage collective strengths. It also highlights the value of cohesive efforts in advocating for policies that support the growth and stability of the construction sector at national and regional levels.”

By working together NECA, MCAA, SMACNA and TAUC aim to develop and promote best practices, enhance safety standards, and drive technological advancements across their respective sectors.

“Today’s agreement represents a pivotal moment for our industry,” said NECA CEODavid Long. “By uniting four leading trade associations, we are reinforcing our dedication to collaboration and innovation across every aspect of the construction and maintenance sector. This enables us to address the complexities of modern construction more effectively and deliver unparalleled value to our members and their clients.”

MCAA CEO Timothy J. Brink said: “MCAA is thrilled to enter into this Strategic Alliance Agreement with NECA, SMACNA, and TAUC. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in unifying our efforts to address the critical issues impacting the construction and maintenance industry. Together, we will drive innovation, enhance safety, and foster growth for our unionized contractor members, ensuring the continued leadership of America’s construction capabilities on the global stage.”

Aaron Hilger, CEO of SMACNA said: “Trade associations set a high bar for what it means to work together for the benefit of everyone. SMACNA is pleased to formalize ways that we will collaborate with our colleagues to advance practices and procedures that will grow our professions and help the people dedicated to building a better America and world.”

Daniel Hogan, CEO of TAUC, added, “This agreement is a great step forward for the construction and maintenance industry, and formalizes something we have known for a long time – we are at our best when we work together. TAUC is all about collaboration, and bringing all of these associations together will benefit all of us in the industry for years to come”

The strategic alliance is expected to deliver tangible benefits to the members of MCAA, NECA, SMACNA and TAUC by fostering a collaborative environment that encourages the sharing of knowledge and resources. “This alliance is poised to set a new standard for industry cooperation and pave the way for future innovations,” the associations said in their news release.

Mark Buckshon
Mark Buckshonhttps://washingtonconstructionnews.com
Mark Buckshon is the publisher and interim editor of Washington Construction News. He is also president of the Construction News and Report Group of Companies. He combines a journalism and business background, and has published construction trade publications for more than 30 years, after an earlier career in journalism, which culminated when he lived through the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe in 1978-80 as a sub-editor for the Bulawayo Chronicle and a correspondent for a Canadian news service.


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